18 November, 2015

The Indoctrination is Nearly Complete. The Dogs Win.

You know you are hook, line & sinker in deep with your West Highland terrier(s) when you find yourself stepping into the garage to grind your coffee, so the noise doesn't startle the little white stuffies.

After our first 6 months together, I'm thrilled to report all is going well with the two and we love having them in our lives.

Is there a dark side? Well, truth be told, I was thinking about this the other day as they dragged me up our street - a life-sized arcade, launching squirrels across the road at random times - that I am not sure we will ever "solve" this Squirrel Thing. It makes me feel like I am living in a Frank Frazetta painting.
Just hold tight and be sure to breathe from the diaphragm... the squirrel is sure to vanish eventually
I expect that the sooner I embrace this, the better. To that end, I am looking forward to our first snowfall, when I will try laying down on a Crazy Carpet and let them pull me to their hearts' content. Note to self: remember my son's GoPro camera for that...

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