20 June, 2012

IM Training update #3 - 1st Century Ride

On the heels of a 2.5 hour long run Saturday, I managed to sneak out the door extra early on Fathers' Day (thanks, boys!) & comfortably log about 163 hilly kms on Sunday morning. I quite enjoyed the experience. My home brew of maltodextrin kept me fueled with no apparent side fx, and it all fit into a still-squeezable 750ml bottle behind the seat... very likely I will go with this for Mt. Tremblant. Now if only I could figure out how to carry enough hydration on training rides to skip finding more every two hours I could avoid the nuisance of searching & stopping!

The new FLO wheels are excellent. I found them to be very true, stiff - thank heavens - and decently stable in cross winds. Only downside: the Conti Attack/Force tire combo was a bear to mount; I'll need to be doubly careful with any roadside repairs so as not to pinch the tubes (latex ones, at that = $$!)

Post mortem: the recovery was excellent! Lucky, lucky man. Now to gear up for the half-iron event in Welland this weekend...

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