28 November, 2010

Simon Whitfield - champion in more ways than one

Had the unique pleasure of attending a Specialized LBS 2011 model launch on Friday at a local BMW dealership, and they brought in four Canadian Olympic medallists to sweeten the pot. At one point my younger son, Owen, was patiently waiting on the periphery of a gabfest Simon had going with an adult couple. There being few young fry at this shindig, I guess Owen caught Simon's eye - he quickly wrapped up his conversation and walked right over to us and introduced himself, and promptly set about interviewing my son, discovering his love of bowling and asking for some insights. Owen was on cloud nine (as was his dad, of course).
In getting a few photos, I mentioned his memorable finish at the 2009 Hy-Vee and he laughed and, as gracious as could be, obliged with a fist pump reenactment. What a great ambassador for our sport!

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